WEEK 22 & 23 - CHRISTMAS 2016

Talking with Dallin and his comp on Christmas Day
We spent Christmas with the familia Machado, their neighbors, and friends.
The Villanueva Zone

The gingerbread house we made at the Multi-Zona. (Give us a break, we didn't get much time)

Me and the comp (playin it cool was his idea).

I got to catch up with my zone leader from my first zone

Our House (we live on the bottom floor)

On Christmas day, he went to a member’s house and they made carne asada, sausage, and beans.  He was also able to Skype home.  He looked happy! Despite his health issues, he has gained 15 pounds.  His language skills are great, according to Courtney.  They spoke in Spanish for quite a while along with Dallin’s companion.  It was pretty entertaining to hear them talk and see that he is immersed in the language.  


Hi To All !!!!!

One thing that I have noticed that I really like is that there are so many motorcycles and moto-taxis in Honduras that I feel like I am at the sand dunes 24/7!   We have done some great things this past couple of weeks.  We were able to help paint for a sister in the ward.  It was exhausting but satisfying.  It was my comp's birthday.  We had some cake.  It was good.  We also went with some investigators and played soccer with some ward members.  We went clear up to the city for what we thought was a emergency zone meeting but when we got there we actually didn't need to go.

I realized that I have been on the mish for 5 months now.  I can't believe it has already been 5 months.  I have been feeling pretty good.  However, I had an allergic reaction to jalapenos and had to go to the hospital.  The reaction lasted like 3 hours and my hands and face were on fire.  I put my hands in a bucket of cold water to soothe the pain until 1 am.  We have hired a person to help us cook so that has been good.  We thought we had access to a washer but the washer broke.  So, we continue to wash and dry our own clothes.   

We met with a woman this week who had in the past been progressing as an investigator.  She told us that she didn't want us coming back.  We then discussed her reasons.  I thought about her reasons and about how members leave the church. I hope that people will have faith and doubt their doubts before they doubt their faith.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true.  Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.  Thomas S. Monson is the prophet and Jesus Christ is the son of God who atoned for and died for our sins.  I am grateful for my faith.  Knowing these truths allow me to press forward with faith in Christ.

Have a great week and Merry Christmas!  

Love, Elder Cox 


Barbershop in Villanueva during p-day.  (The barber had a WWE belt, sweet)

 The old guys, saying goodbye (everyone left but me haha)

 Me and my new comp out in the campo. (Notice the streets)

Baptisms In This Awesome Family

Birthday Pizza in Villaneuva 

Stepping Up My Cooking Game

Hi to Everyone!  We had our switch and I have Latin speaking companions in the house!  I feel like my Spanish is improving.  On a good front, we are hopefully getting someone to help us cook and we are going to pay someone to use a washing machine so that will be awesome!
My birthday was really good.  We went to Villanueva (a nearby town) and had lunch and chilled with the Zone Leaders.  President and Hermana Bush brought me chocolate chip cookies. I had been thinking about chocolate chip cookies and it was an answer to my prayers! Ha-ha!

He and Hermana Bush came to our baptism!  It was really cool and so were the THREE baptisms.  The Spirit was so strong and a lot of people attended. They were confirmed on Sunday so all is well!  We have 4 more super investigators that hopefully will be baptized before the end of the year.  

My new companion is great.  His name is Elder Lucha and he is from El Salvador.  He is relaxed so we get along really well.  He had some difficult things happen in his life but is doing great.  It does make you think about your blessings.  He has been out almost a year and it is the first time he has been outside of San Pedro Sula.  He likes the calmness of being out of the city.  I like where I am at but at some point I am sure I will experience the "CITY."  

Health wise, I have been good and haven't had any issues in a few weeks.  I wonder if I had a period of getting used to everything.  I don't know but grateful not to be sick right now!  

Spiritually, I have been really studying the Book of Mormon.  The Bible and other scriptures are great and definitely important but the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion.

Overall, I am good and growing from serving in ways that I couldn't have in any other place!  

I hope you all have a good week.  I love you.

Love, Elder Dallin Cox


 Zone photo after our meeting last Tuesday

A normal lunch: (Fruit punch made from a tang packet, a sandwich of a chicken patty, cheese, and ham, and noodles with butter & parmesan cheese).

Cool Views

This week is the last week before we have some changes.  We already know exactly what’s going to happen for our next changes.  My companion, Elder Dipko, is going up to be a Zone Leader in San Pedro (which is a huge deal!).  Elder Santos is going to be a Zone leader as well.  I am going to be staying in Dos Caminos, but they are going to combine the two areas into one.  I had to go out with Elder Santos yesterday to learn his area.  I’ll be in charge of the investigators in the entire area (with my new companion) and the other 3 missionaries in my house are getting shipped out.  I will be getting a Latino companion.  I am excited and nervous!!!

In other news, the baptism didn’t go through because our candidates had some small things to still work on.  They are shooting for being ready to go by the 26th and get baptized on my b-day!  We now have 7 baptisms set for the 26th, and we’ll see how that goes. 

We’re headed to play soccer today at Sports Mania in San Pedro, then we will go to Denny’s.  I never realized how great places like Denny’s are until I got here, they make a pretty mean cheeseburger. 

Finally, I have been on my mission for four months.  I have learned so much about God, myself, and others.  I have learned to truly study the scriptures.  I have learned about charity.  I would have never known my true, full potential spiritually if I didn’t choose to serve my mission.

Would love to hear from everyone and hope you are well!  Go Utes and see ya next week!

Love, Elder Cox


Climbing a really steep hill in one of the colonias in our area

Field that we found this week for soccer (our area is so big that we still haven't been able to see it all)

  Soccer game going on (EVERYONE plays soccer here)
We found a totally cool barbecue area and pool way up above a community that was abandoned. Time for some mish parties.

I received the birthday package!  Thanks to the family.  The socks are way fresh.  This week, I’ve been trying to hit it way harder with the scripture study.  I finished Alma and Mosiah.   I have spent all my free time reading and I’ve felt the blessings, no doubt.  Yesterday, (Sunday) we had a great day and we felt it was a direct blessing of reading.  We first went contacting and met a way cool lady.  She was really receptive and we’re going back next week.  She also told me I looked like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.  Pretty legit, right?  She probably needs glasses haha. 
We had two really good VAP’s (lessons taught to less actives/recent converts), both of which were less actives that are coming to church next week.  They haven't been in the church a long time.  We are going to their house tomorrow for a Family Home Evening and they’re making us baleadas.  We then contacted a house that we had always passed by but never stopped there.  They were super cool, and we set a return appointment. 
Our last appointment was with Idalia.  She is getting baptized this Friday along with her two sons.  She has been working a lot to support her children, so we’ve passed by her house and she hasn’t been there for awhile until this night.  We taught her the Word of Wisdom, as well as the Law of Chastity, and she gladly accepted to follow the commandments. She said she drinks coffee several times a day, but we can tell she has a strong testimony because she accepted to drop coffee cold turkey.  We have the baptisms of her and her two sons on Friday, (which happens to be Elder Dipko’s b-day). 
Overall, it was a good day and a better week.  Somehow, I managed to catch a nasty cold though.  Today we had plans to go play soccer but our zone leaders changed and canceled it so we have no idea what we are doing.  Oh well, we’ll figure something out.  Hope all is well with y’all in the States, and I will report back next week.

Love, Elder Cox


Thanks for the Shirts Aunt Lesli

My Little Friend

Two more weeks and I’ll be three transfers into my mission!  It is crazy to think, right?  It’s funny how fast time flies and at the same time, how slow it can go.  This week, we had several interesting things happen.  First off, our p-day last week was legit.  It felt so good to finally play basketball again. This Thursday, we had interviews with President Bush.  It’s always good to see him and Hermana Bush.  We talked so much that we lost track of time and our 15 minute interview ended up being 45 minutes.  Whoops!  Friday, I got sick again.  I guess the Lord is just really trying to humble me.  I went to the hospital with Elder Santos (we were on divisions) and had some tests done.  I have a couple different issues but I’ll be fine.  I just have to start on a pill regimen again.  We went from there and made a quick stop at Carl’s Jr.  We then went to the adult session and leadership session of the Merendon (our Stake) Stake Conference.  Stake Conference was good as well, although it was hard to sit through it with my stomach.  Elder Santos is sick now with the same symptoms.  The 4 of us are sitting here at home.  Hope all is well back home, you guys are in my thoughts and prayers always.

Elder Cox


Health:  I have been a lot healthier so no worries. We are working hard and all is back to normal (knock on wood)
Weather:  The rain  is really off and on here.  The weather varies between hot and hotter.

Cooking:  We have been learning how to cook with members (but mostly with investigators).

Companions:  We only have 3 more weeks all together.  

PDay Today:  We do a lot together and we balled it up at the mega stake center in San Pedro and we are here now emailing in the family history center.

President and Hermana Bush:  We had fun with President and Hermana Bush.  We were able to ride in a taxi with air conditioning.  It was great.  They came with us to one of our appointments.  Sister Bush’s Spanish is good even though she doesn’t get out as much as President Bush. 

Grandma Georgia:  Happy Birthday !!

Food/Hygiene:  We eat a LOT of rice and beans here.  We have to be careful with the food and we should bleach most things.  Sometimes, we are lazy but we do a pretty good job. 

I will be back before you know it.  I have already been gone more than 3 months!  It has gone fast!

Love Everyone,

Elder Cox


It was nice getting back into the swing of things this week.  When you’re busy, time flies quickly.  We’ve been gone and out of the house more than ever trying to make up for the time we lost when I was sick. 

We were supposed to have a baptism Saturday.  The man we were going to baptize was all ready, but we had to postpone his baptism.  It was super hard for us because he had been working hard to be ready.  He wasn’t able to come to church on Sunday.    

Some of our investigators are at the point where we can’t do much more other than continue to love them.  They have to make the decision for themselves.  We will continue to love them but we also continue to teach 10 other investigators.  Hopefully, we can help these individuals to progress toward the waters of baptism. 

Today, we are going back to Los Andes (the best grocery store in San Pedro) and to the Nike Store to buy a basketball (we’re going to start going to the church a couple days a week and practice b-ball in the mornings).  Last week, we didn’t do too much for P-Day.  Today, we have some things we need to get done.  Tomorrow, President Bush is coming so today we have to do  some serious cleaning up around the house.  We had planned to do it yesterday, but it rained and the power went out all night.  He is coming to our district meeting and on a few visits with Elder Dipko and I.  We’re pretty excited. 

Well, all is well here.  Healthy, safe, and working hard.  I couldn’t ask for much more.  The weather has been decent too.  Hope all is well in the States. 
Anyway, until next week, Adios !!!


Elder Cox



Not your average missionary week.  This was my hardest week by far.  From Monday to Saturday, we could not go out because I got really sick.  I had really bad stomach pains, fevers, vomiting, and basically couldn’t move.  We finally decided to call the enfermera (nurse) and tell her what was going on Wednesday night.  We met her at the hospital Friday and they ran some tests.  I have a digestive tract infection.  And yes, I did get several parasites.  I don’t know how because the only place out of the ordinary that we ate was Denny’s.  Right now, I am getting better little by little through 6 different pills that I am taking.  I learned a lot this week though.  It was a struggle just sitting around and at times I wanted to leave.  I learned to pray a lot more fervently and really apply the Atonement.  I also now know “The District” (training movie for missionaries) forwards, backwards, and sideways.  It was all I had to entertain myself.  As I start to be healthy enough to go out, I know this experience has strengthened my testimony.  I’ll be fine, no worries.  Twenty-one months is a long time, but there’s only one mission so I’m going to do my best to serve the Lord.


Elder Cox


 Watching Conference

Our Apartment

I am emailing early this week so that we can go to San Pedro to play soccer.  We are meeting our zone at a soccer facility called “Sports Mania”.  We had a good week which was topped off by an amazing Conference weekend.  I felt the Spirit so powerfully watching conference and it doubled my testimony.  My two favorite speakers were Elder Ballard and Elder Schmutz (of the 70).  Elder Schmutz’s talk spoke to my heart powerfully. 

I have a picture of the 8 gringos from our district all watching conference in the High council room of the Stake Center in Chamelecon. 

Overall, I felt like the first and last sessions were the most spiritual for me, and the 2 middle ones were the most instructive.  We have yet to watch the Priesthood session (in English).  We tried to watch it in Dos Caminos but there were issues with the power going out (which has been happening a lot lately). 

Even without Conference, this week was really cool.  I have seen some cool conversions in our investigators, especially a woman named Dalia.  She told us that ever since the first time we spoke to her, she has seen her life change dramatically for the better.  She has turned out to be awesome. 

Before we met her, she had issues with demonic spirits around her home.  However, since we started visiting her, they’ve gone away.  She also has little money and no employment but she put all the money she did have together to come from Dos Caminos to Chamelecon with her 5 kids to see a session of General Conference.  She is one of several awesome families we are teaching right now. 

I have really seen my patriarchal blessing come to pass (about my mission) and I‘ve only been here in the fields 1 change (6 weeks).  I hope that you all can really try to apply conference to your lives.  I know it has already started to change mine.

Elder Cox

Elder Ballard:

Elder Schmutz:

Week 10: Machete Lawn Mowin'

 I don't have a ton of time to write so I will do my best.

My studies have been really cool. I felt a powerful feeling and testimony of Jesus Christ as I was reading the Bible this last week. It was awesome and His teachings are so profound and true. 

For pday today, we just went and played basketball at the banque for a few hours and then came back to write. It takes a lot more time to write now because there is a rule that we can only write in churches.  There is only 1 computer here, and 4 people. 

We have 13 people committed to baptisms this upcoming month so we are super excited. They are all really awesome and the type of members that are strong and will be after we leave the area. 

God's commandments are important.  The law of chastity in marriage is a big challenge and it is hard to see. 

This last week, we were in a lesson with a lady that had not been to church in 20 years.  All of the sudden, these people burst into the room and interrupted our lesson.  A bunch of ladies started putting oil on their hands, and then proceeded to give this lady a "blessing" where they screaming at her.  It made no sense, but we tried to respect them.   

We also went and chopeared for the first time this week (mowing lawns with machetes) and now my hands are covered with blisters. Good times.

The power has gone out a lot this week, as it has poured rain.  It stinks not having power because without our fans it is sooooo hot.  We still hear gunshots every day as well but its pretty normal.

My language is still getting better., I can speak with anyone but I still have a hard time understanding people because they speak so fast.

Hope all is well with you.  Enjoy the cooler weather.  Love you all!

Elder Cox

Week 9 - Under the Weather

Hello to Everyone - Sorry this is so short !!

Elder Alonzo came to our mission.  He talked with us about putting forth our best effort.  President Bush also spoke with us and it was really cool and uplfiting.  We committed many to baptism this week !!  Many of them are great and we hope they follow through with baptism.  We had a interesting experience this week where we encountered people worshiping the adversary.  We stayed far away.

It has been really hot here.  We are hoping to go to San Pedro to enjoy some American food.  We played football (not futbol) this morning and it was fun. 

Emotionally and spiritually, I am doing well.  However, physically, I have not felt well.  I was super sick with stomach issues. It was super rough.  We had to cancel our appointments on Thursday night and we didn't go out on Friday, either.  We did go out on Saturday, but I didn't feel well.  We went out because it is hard to stay in all day.

Language is good. Still a slow process, but I feel like I could talk to Court more or less.  

I love you all.  Thank you for writing me.  Have a good week.  Again, sorry so short.

Elder Cox

Week 8 - Short Week ...

I just wrote on Monday, but we found out on Tuesday that our PDay would be moved to Friday rather than next Monday as usual because we have a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy (Elder Alonzo) coming to meet with us on Monday and Tuesday.

This week has been good.  We had a couple of investigators come who are super pilas (awesome investigators) who are basically ready to get baptized after the first two lessons.  Also, we are teaching a family that is awesome and the only thing holding them back is matrimonio.  They read the Book of Mormon like crazy, come to church, and do everything.  We are going to try to have a venta and sell baleadas to help them raise money.  We have lost a couple of investigators this last week though and it was tough.

A bunch of girls whistled and blew kisses at us.  It's kind of funny.  We don't respond.  Supposedly, they do it even more in the city.

For fun for our pday today, we played ball today with our zona this morning and just relaxed at the house here in Dos Caminos with them.  It was fun.  I like the food in Honduras but miss the food at home.  I am really excited for the BYU game tomorrow.  I am hoping BYU does not win for many reasons.  One of which is that everyone else in my house roots for BYU except me.

I don't have much time to write because Elder Reeve isn't feeling well today and we need to get him back to the house.   I will try to send more when I write a week from Monday.  If you have questions for me, let me know !!  Hasta luego !!!!!

Love, Elder Cox

Week 7 - Getting Settled...

This past week went well but being on a mission is definitely hard.  This week, we were able to baptize 2 women that I spoke about last week.  They are awesome and their names are Vilma and Belquis. The baptismal service had over 50 people.  Normally, 15-25 people attend the service. They bore their testimonies after the baptism and it was great.  

This Sunday, we were out and we were not sure where we needed to go.  We said a prayer and I felt like we needed to go contact a house nearby.  They were making tortillas and they invited us in and showed us how to make them.  The lady was an Evangelist.  She tried to prove to us that we didn't need to do baptisms and that God would pardon us if we weren't baptized in this life.  There were other people that were listening as well.  The Spirit told us exactly what to say.  It was a great conversation and we were guided by the Spirit.  We all enjoyed our time discussing the scriptures and it was nice to have a discussion without it being heated or uncomfortable.  We left them with pamphlets and our number.  Hopefully, we planted a seed in their hearts.    

Overall, this week went a little faster than the first here in Honduras.  They are long days but I am slowly getting a knack for understanding the Hondurenos !!  They speak 10,000 MPH !!  Sometimes, it is hard realizing that I am going to be here for two years.  Everyone tells me that time will fly and as I look back, it has gone fast.  I am just throwing myself into the work.  I will be in this area until at least December 28th.  I am excited to be here.  I have enjoyed the little things.

I could use some American candy.  Although there are many cool things here, stuff from the US is a pure luxury.  I will give you my birthday list haha !!  Today, we went down and checked out all the goods that were being sold in our area.  The stuff was a little expensive.  We just looked around.  We also went to Pizza Hut.  The pizza and cookie pizza were heavenly.   

A couple of thoughts.  We have to wash and iron our own clothes ... by hand ... with a bar of soap.  We have no time to exercise but we walk about 8 miles a day or so.  We still have ants, trying to get rid of them.  I really appreciate cold fridge water.  I miss it a lot.

I was able to meet with President Bush and Sister Bush this week.  They are great people and I really like them alot.  He interviewed me then we were able to talk for a little while.

My health overall is good.  Don't worry about me.  I am fine. I hope you have a great week.  Tell everyone thank you !!

Love, Elder Cox  

Week 6 - Arriving in Honduras ...

The last night in the MTC was tough.  Tough to say goodbye to all the amigos.  We had to get up at 2 am to fly to San Pedro.  We went from Guatemala City to San Salvador, then from there to San Pedro.  It is small airport here.  We got off the plane and President and Sister Bush, along with the assistants to the President were there to greet us.  It was cool to meet them and they personally greeted each of us.  As soon as I got off the plane, a part of me died b/c it is so stinkin' hot here.  It is the most hot and humid place on Earth.

We went from the airport and had interviews and meetings.  While the interviews were going on, we went out and taught.  I went with Elder Poulson and he is way awesome.  We (mostly him b/c I can't understand anyone yet) had a good time contacting people.  We went to the President's apartment afterward and had dinner.  He has a very nice apartment, really more like a house.  We spent the night at the missionary office.  We woke up in the morning and headed out with our companions to Dos Caminos.

There are 4 guys in our house in Dos Caminos.  My companion, Elder Dipko is from SLC.  He has been out seven months and speaks really good Spanish.  This is his first time training.  He is a great trainer.  The other 2 in our house are Elder Santos and Reeve.  I served with Elder Reeve in the MTC.  Elder Santos has been out a year and this is his first time training, too.  They are all great guys.  Dos Caminos is about 20 minutes outside of San Pedro Sula.  We have a good place to live.  We have running water but no hot water.  It is crazy cold water which isn't bad.  We have an ant problem so we are waiting for ant spray from the mission home.  It is hot !!  We have 15 fans pointed at us so that we can survive.  

We have 2 awesome investigators who will be baptized this upcoming week.  Both received answers to prayers through dreams.  I think that is so cool.  Everyone here is super nice and humble.  They live a different, hard life.  They live in very small board houses here.  We walk a ton here and drink alot of water.  The investigators are great to give us soda and food.  

Today, we played bball at the church.  They have outdoor courts (wish they were indoor).  We played with some guys from the ward and the missionaries.  After we played, we got cleaned up and went on a rapidito into town where we bought a backpack.  We also went to Johnny Rockets for lunch.  Loved the music.  Our area is massive and we have to take motos (taxi/motorcycles) sometimes on top of walking so much.

Our branch (ward) is like 100 people.  We had attendance last week of 125, which was great.  We had a ton of investigators come to church.  I spoke on Sunday in church.

I hope everyone is well !!  

Love, Elder Cox