Week 7 - Getting Settled...

This past week went well but being on a mission is definitely hard.  This week, we were able to baptize 2 women that I spoke about last week.  They are awesome and their names are Vilma and Belquis. The baptismal service had over 50 people.  Normally, 15-25 people attend the service. They bore their testimonies after the baptism and it was great.  

This Sunday, we were out and we were not sure where we needed to go.  We said a prayer and I felt like we needed to go contact a house nearby.  They were making tortillas and they invited us in and showed us how to make them.  The lady was an Evangelist.  She tried to prove to us that we didn't need to do baptisms and that God would pardon us if we weren't baptized in this life.  There were other people that were listening as well.  The Spirit told us exactly what to say.  It was a great conversation and we were guided by the Spirit.  We all enjoyed our time discussing the scriptures and it was nice to have a discussion without it being heated or uncomfortable.  We left them with pamphlets and our number.  Hopefully, we planted a seed in their hearts.    

Overall, this week went a little faster than the first here in Honduras.  They are long days but I am slowly getting a knack for understanding the Hondurenos !!  They speak 10,000 MPH !!  Sometimes, it is hard realizing that I am going to be here for two years.  Everyone tells me that time will fly and as I look back, it has gone fast.  I am just throwing myself into the work.  I will be in this area until at least December 28th.  I am excited to be here.  I have enjoyed the little things.

I could use some American candy.  Although there are many cool things here, stuff from the US is a pure luxury.  I will give you my birthday list haha !!  Today, we went down and checked out all the goods that were being sold in our area.  The stuff was a little expensive.  We just looked around.  We also went to Pizza Hut.  The pizza and cookie pizza were heavenly.   

A couple of thoughts.  We have to wash and iron our own clothes ... by hand ... with a bar of soap.  We have no time to exercise but we walk about 8 miles a day or so.  We still have ants, trying to get rid of them.  I really appreciate cold fridge water.  I miss it a lot.

I was able to meet with President Bush and Sister Bush this week.  They are great people and I really like them alot.  He interviewed me then we were able to talk for a little while.

My health overall is good.  Don't worry about me.  I am fine. I hope you have a great week.  Tell everyone thank you !!

Love, Elder Cox  

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