Mountain Climbing, Machetes, and Brownies

 An abandoned house on a huge mountain in our area

 One of the English classes we teach (this one not at the church)

We chopped down trees to build something for a Sister in the Ward

 My old companion and I up on the mountain

Brownies we made (San Pedro Sula=SPS)


Sorry for the long delay, but we have been working hard and I haven’t had much time to write.  So, I have been in my new area for the past couple months.  My new area is San Antonio (not Texas haha).  When I got here, the first thing I thought of is the San Antonio Spurs.  Our area is super cool.  San Antonio is 10-15 minutes outside of San Pedro Sula.  It reminds me of the southwest deserts.  It is extremely hot and dry here.  We recently got a small air conditioner.  It has helped us a lot.  We live in a small house with three rooms.  The power goes out here.  A LOT.  San Antonio covers areas and parts of a place called Chamelecon, too.

My companion is a gringo from Idaho.  His name is Elder Lofgran.  He has 14 months in the mission and will likely be changed out in a few weeks because he almost has 6 months in this area.  He and I get along quite well.  We work hard and enjoy our time together.

We are now in a ward.  Our ward has a lot of members that are less active.  We are working on supporting them and inviting them to church.  I enjoyed the rural area but I also enjoy seeing more people.  The members are great about feeding us dinner almost every night.  We have been doing a bunch of contacting to search for people to teach. The area is friendly and it is a good area.  One of the hardest things is that everyone is so busy.  We do our best.  We did set a baptism date this week though, so we'll see how it goes.  Over the last couple of weeks, we have heard from Elder Christensen, Elder Alonzo, and President Bush.  They make me want to work harder.  We teach an English class each Saturday and it has been going well.

My health has been pretty good the last couple of weeks.  Today, we went to the Nike Store (Elder Lofgran has never been) and ate lunch at Denny's.  We also bought a few comfort foods at a place called Junior's (supermarket that has some American things).  I will have to buy some new tennis shoes soon because my shoes are completely worn thru.

I included a few pics.  I haven't been great with taking pictures and will try to be better with that this week.

It has been eight months.  I have learned a lot, so much more than I would have learned by staying home.  I have matured mentally and spiritually.  I cannot describe how much the mission has blessed my life.

Hope all is well in the states and hope to hear from you all soon!!

Love, Elder Cox