Week 6 - Arriving in Honduras ...

The last night in the MTC was tough.  Tough to say goodbye to all the amigos.  We had to get up at 2 am to fly to San Pedro.  We went from Guatemala City to San Salvador, then from there to San Pedro.  It is small airport here.  We got off the plane and President and Sister Bush, along with the assistants to the President were there to greet us.  It was cool to meet them and they personally greeted each of us.  As soon as I got off the plane, a part of me died b/c it is so stinkin' hot here.  It is the most hot and humid place on Earth.

We went from the airport and had interviews and meetings.  While the interviews were going on, we went out and taught.  I went with Elder Poulson and he is way awesome.  We (mostly him b/c I can't understand anyone yet) had a good time contacting people.  We went to the President's apartment afterward and had dinner.  He has a very nice apartment, really more like a house.  We spent the night at the missionary office.  We woke up in the morning and headed out with our companions to Dos Caminos.

There are 4 guys in our house in Dos Caminos.  My companion, Elder Dipko is from SLC.  He has been out seven months and speaks really good Spanish.  This is his first time training.  He is a great trainer.  The other 2 in our house are Elder Santos and Reeve.  I served with Elder Reeve in the MTC.  Elder Santos has been out a year and this is his first time training, too.  They are all great guys.  Dos Caminos is about 20 minutes outside of San Pedro Sula.  We have a good place to live.  We have running water but no hot water.  It is crazy cold water which isn't bad.  We have an ant problem so we are waiting for ant spray from the mission home.  It is hot !!  We have 15 fans pointed at us so that we can survive.  

We have 2 awesome investigators who will be baptized this upcoming week.  Both received answers to prayers through dreams.  I think that is so cool.  Everyone here is super nice and humble.  They live a different, hard life.  They live in very small board houses here.  We walk a ton here and drink alot of water.  The investigators are great to give us soda and food.  

Today, we played bball at the church.  They have outdoor courts (wish they were indoor).  We played with some guys from the ward and the missionaries.  After we played, we got cleaned up and went on a rapidito into town where we bought a backpack.  We also went to Johnny Rockets for lunch.  Loved the music.  Our area is massive and we have to take motos (taxi/motorcycles) sometimes on top of walking so much.

Our branch (ward) is like 100 people.  We had attendance last week of 125, which was great.  We had a ton of investigators come to church.  I spoke on Sunday in church.

I hope everyone is well !!  

Love, Elder Cox  

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