Thanks for the Shirts Aunt Lesli

My Little Friend

Two more weeks and I’ll be three transfers into my mission!  It is crazy to think, right?  It’s funny how fast time flies and at the same time, how slow it can go.  This week, we had several interesting things happen.  First off, our p-day last week was legit.  It felt so good to finally play basketball again. This Thursday, we had interviews with President Bush.  It’s always good to see him and Hermana Bush.  We talked so much that we lost track of time and our 15 minute interview ended up being 45 minutes.  Whoops!  Friday, I got sick again.  I guess the Lord is just really trying to humble me.  I went to the hospital with Elder Santos (we were on divisions) and had some tests done.  I have a couple different issues but I’ll be fine.  I just have to start on a pill regimen again.  We went from there and made a quick stop at Carl’s Jr.  We then went to the adult session and leadership session of the Merendon (our Stake) Stake Conference.  Stake Conference was good as well, although it was hard to sit through it with my stomach.  Elder Santos is sick now with the same symptoms.  The 4 of us are sitting here at home.  Hope all is well back home, you guys are in my thoughts and prayers always.

Elder Cox


Health:  I have been a lot healthier so no worries. We are working hard and all is back to normal (knock on wood)
Weather:  The rain  is really off and on here.  The weather varies between hot and hotter.

Cooking:  We have been learning how to cook with members (but mostly with investigators).

Companions:  We only have 3 more weeks all together.  

PDay Today:  We do a lot together and we balled it up at the mega stake center in San Pedro and we are here now emailing in the family history center.

President and Hermana Bush:  We had fun with President and Hermana Bush.  We were able to ride in a taxi with air conditioning.  It was great.  They came with us to one of our appointments.  Sister Bush’s Spanish is good even though she doesn’t get out as much as President Bush. 

Grandma Georgia:  Happy Birthday !!

Food/Hygiene:  We eat a LOT of rice and beans here.  We have to be careful with the food and we should bleach most things.  Sometimes, we are lazy but we do a pretty good job. 

I will be back before you know it.  I have already been gone more than 3 months!  It has gone fast!

Love Everyone,

Elder Cox


It was nice getting back into the swing of things this week.  When you’re busy, time flies quickly.  We’ve been gone and out of the house more than ever trying to make up for the time we lost when I was sick. 

We were supposed to have a baptism Saturday.  The man we were going to baptize was all ready, but we had to postpone his baptism.  It was super hard for us because he had been working hard to be ready.  He wasn’t able to come to church on Sunday.    

Some of our investigators are at the point where we can’t do much more other than continue to love them.  They have to make the decision for themselves.  We will continue to love them but we also continue to teach 10 other investigators.  Hopefully, we can help these individuals to progress toward the waters of baptism. 

Today, we are going back to Los Andes (the best grocery store in San Pedro) and to the Nike Store to buy a basketball (we’re going to start going to the church a couple days a week and practice b-ball in the mornings).  Last week, we didn’t do too much for P-Day.  Today, we have some things we need to get done.  Tomorrow, President Bush is coming so today we have to do  some serious cleaning up around the house.  We had planned to do it yesterday, but it rained and the power went out all night.  He is coming to our district meeting and on a few visits with Elder Dipko and I.  We’re pretty excited. 

Well, all is well here.  Healthy, safe, and working hard.  I couldn’t ask for much more.  The weather has been decent too.  Hope all is well in the States. 
Anyway, until next week, Adios !!!


Elder Cox



Not your average missionary week.  This was my hardest week by far.  From Monday to Saturday, we could not go out because I got really sick.  I had really bad stomach pains, fevers, vomiting, and basically couldn’t move.  We finally decided to call the enfermera (nurse) and tell her what was going on Wednesday night.  We met her at the hospital Friday and they ran some tests.  I have a digestive tract infection.  And yes, I did get several parasites.  I don’t know how because the only place out of the ordinary that we ate was Denny’s.  Right now, I am getting better little by little through 6 different pills that I am taking.  I learned a lot this week though.  It was a struggle just sitting around and at times I wanted to leave.  I learned to pray a lot more fervently and really apply the Atonement.  I also now know “The District” (training movie for missionaries) forwards, backwards, and sideways.  It was all I had to entertain myself.  As I start to be healthy enough to go out, I know this experience has strengthened my testimony.  I’ll be fine, no worries.  Twenty-one months is a long time, but there’s only one mission so I’m going to do my best to serve the Lord.


Elder Cox


 Watching Conference

Our Apartment

I am emailing early this week so that we can go to San Pedro to play soccer.  We are meeting our zone at a soccer facility called “Sports Mania”.  We had a good week which was topped off by an amazing Conference weekend.  I felt the Spirit so powerfully watching conference and it doubled my testimony.  My two favorite speakers were Elder Ballard and Elder Schmutz (of the 70).  Elder Schmutz’s talk spoke to my heart powerfully. 

I have a picture of the 8 gringos from our district all watching conference in the High council room of the Stake Center in Chamelecon. 

Overall, I felt like the first and last sessions were the most spiritual for me, and the 2 middle ones were the most instructive.  We have yet to watch the Priesthood session (in English).  We tried to watch it in Dos Caminos but there were issues with the power going out (which has been happening a lot lately). 

Even without Conference, this week was really cool.  I have seen some cool conversions in our investigators, especially a woman named Dalia.  She told us that ever since the first time we spoke to her, she has seen her life change dramatically for the better.  She has turned out to be awesome. 

Before we met her, she had issues with demonic spirits around her home.  However, since we started visiting her, they’ve gone away.  She also has little money and no employment but she put all the money she did have together to come from Dos Caminos to Chamelecon with her 5 kids to see a session of General Conference.  She is one of several awesome families we are teaching right now. 

I have really seen my patriarchal blessing come to pass (about my mission) and I‘ve only been here in the fields 1 change (6 weeks).  I hope that you all can really try to apply conference to your lives.  I know it has already started to change mine.

Elder Cox

Elder Ballard:

Elder Schmutz: