Week 10: Machete Lawn Mowin'

 I don't have a ton of time to write so I will do my best.

My studies have been really cool. I felt a powerful feeling and testimony of Jesus Christ as I was reading the Bible this last week. It was awesome and His teachings are so profound and true. 

For pday today, we just went and played basketball at the banque for a few hours and then came back to write. It takes a lot more time to write now because there is a rule that we can only write in churches.  There is only 1 computer here, and 4 people. 

We have 13 people committed to baptisms this upcoming month so we are super excited. They are all really awesome and the type of members that are strong and will be after we leave the area. 

God's commandments are important.  The law of chastity in marriage is a big challenge and it is hard to see. 

This last week, we were in a lesson with a lady that had not been to church in 20 years.  All of the sudden, these people burst into the room and interrupted our lesson.  A bunch of ladies started putting oil on their hands, and then proceeded to give this lady a "blessing" where they screaming at her.  It made no sense, but we tried to respect them.   

We also went and chopeared for the first time this week (mowing lawns with machetes) and now my hands are covered with blisters. Good times.

The power has gone out a lot this week, as it has poured rain.  It stinks not having power because without our fans it is sooooo hot.  We still hear gunshots every day as well but its pretty normal.

My language is still getting better., I can speak with anyone but I still have a hard time understanding people because they speak so fast.

Hope all is well with you.  Enjoy the cooler weather.  Love you all!

Elder Cox

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