In front of the Soccer Stadium
 Dining at Denny's, for the last time!
 San Pedro Sula
 We had divisions with the Zone Leaders last week in my old area. We were fortunate to teach this sister.  Super awesome!!

District Meeting

Our week was great.  All is going well here in the work and in general.  It has been super rainy, and we have been totally drenched.  When we leave the house in the afternoon it's super hot, and then out of nowhere, it rains cats and dogs.

All is well here, have a great week and we'll see you all next week!  Love, Elder Cox


Sunsets in Honduras

The work is going well here.  We have many investigators coming to church and progressing. I don't know that I'll see any baptisms in my time here, but we have some awesome people we're teaching. 

The other day we had a family who we are teaching ask tons of questions. We started to talk about the eternal nature of families, and the husband's countenance changed. He told us at the end of the lesson that he knew what we had taught was true. The lesson was super powerful and just strengthened my testimony of the importance of eternal families.

Love you, have a great week!


My new companion is Elder Rodas.  He has 3 months in the mission and is from Guatemala City, Guatemala.

We had 6 investigators go with us to church yesterday. This is a lot, considering we had 0 just recently.  The work is progressing super fast, we have found tons of people and I'm excited!

We have 4 in our district.  There shouldn't be any issues.  We had our first district meeting last week and things went well.

I think the idea of not letting off the gas is important.  It's been exciting to get here and see the fast turnaround in the area. 

Keep on keepin’ on, and I'll do the same. Have a good week, thanks for letter and thoughts. 

Love you, have a great week.


Mother's Day Call

WEEK 95 – May 14
It was really great to speak with you and the family and definitely good to see your faces and see how you're all doing.  It was short but it's fine because I'll be home soon enough.

I will give it my all these last 6 weeks.  The great thing is that there is always something more to learn.

I know that I am going to stay here and be a district leader.  My time as zone leader is over.  I am really excited about my new assignment.  I just won't know who will be my companion, but I'm prepared for anything.

I won't write a ton right now (we have only a little time to write), but just know that I love you and our family and it was great to talk to you yesterday!



Herbie In Honduras

Week 94 – May 7th

I am spending 2 weeks in another area to help with the overall missionary effort there.  The area is called San Jorge (Saint George).  I did get to go back to my other area for a baptism.  It was great.  The girl we had been teaching read the entire BOM this last week.  She is super awesome.  "Everybody happy happy happy." 

I have been focused on us as missionaries and how we can help each other as well as the vision we have for Honduras.  There are some goals that have to be met to get a temple here and we are trying to help. 

Thanks for all the love and support.  Sorry my emails are crazy short lately.  I love you.


 New Trio
The Book of Mormon is available in 89 languages. This Book of Mormon is in a Mayan language (Yucatec).  They are still in the process of a full translation.

Week 93 - April 30th

     We are doing well.  We have a baptism this week, zone conference, MLC, and a meeting with the stake president and mission president. We will be pretty busy.  We are working and trying to find people continually, but we're doing well.

     This week, I have felt a tiny bit homesick.  Every time someone asks how much time I have in the mission, they always say "you are basically done!"  Now, I figure I will just tell everyone I have a little less than a year left.  Haha.


We had an awesome baptism this week!
 Divisions with the Elders from Santa Barbara
(So impressed he remembers this from when he was little.)
Pictures from divisions with the AP's

This guy was on my towel this morning!
Trio Time
Lunch in San Pedro Sula

Week 92 – April 23

All is well here in SPS.  We had lunch today in town.  We had a baptism this last week.  It was really exciting.  A brother who was baptized a few months back was able to baptize his daughters.  

This week was a hectic week. We had divisions 3 times with other missionaries and I am in a trio companionship again.  

I felt really tired at the end of this week.  Today for Pday, we went to the mission offices.  From there, we went to San Pedro Sula and I actually saw some people from my old area.  We ate lunch at a place called Mega Bites.  I bought a pair of drum sticks ($2) and we headed on back.  

We should be having a baptism this week.  We've seen a huge change in her from the time we started teaching her.  She's really shown what it means to go through the repentance process. We are excited for her to take the step to be baptized.

I think that a key for me will be to use the mission as a stepping stone to continue doing the small things.  Sometimes, I worry about how life will be after the mission, but I know that as I continue to do the small things, I'll be blessed and continue to progress in the Gospel. 

The Gospel is simple and true.  God doesn't expect us to be reading the scriptures and praying 24/7.  He knows we have things to do.  However, he does expect us to uphold our standards and keep the commandments.  As long as we do that, he will bless us with the Spirit to guide us and help us make correct decisions.