Ana’s Baptism 
 Elder Valenzuela

I am doing well.  I had changes on Wednesday.  I have a new companion and a new area.  My companion is Elder Valenzuela, and we are in a trio with another Elder named Elder Herrera. Valenzuela is from Chile and Herrera from Guatemala.  Valenzuela finishes the mission this change and Herrera finishes with me.

Geographically, all my areas on the mission have been within an hour of each other.  Right now, I am between my first and second area.  This area is called Villas Del Rio.  We are the zone leaders.  This area is developed and there's good attendance.  This week, we had a baptism of a sister named Ana.  We have been working and have put some more dates for the weeks to follow, but overall the work goes very smoothly here in this area.

We are covering 2 areas as of right now, so we do a lot of divisions with the Elders Quorum and it has been effective.  I was in divisions and my companion that day (Elder Johnson) and I both felt the impression to contact a certain house. 

It turned out that the family had been inactive for many years and had wanted nothing to do with the church.  For some reason, we showed up and the Spirit touched their hearts.  We are helping them to reactivate and we will soon baptize the members of the family who aren't baptized.  The family thought someone from the ward had sent us, but when we explained, they were impressed that it must have been the Spirit.   It is a reminder that the Lord directs this work!

We played soccer as a zone today.  It was pretty sweet because I had 2 goals.  Next week, we are organizing a huge b-ball tourney between the zones.

It's crazy to think there's so little time left, but we'll just have to make every second count.  I'm excited for the rest of my time here in Honduras!

Elder Cox

WEEKS 81-83

Our New District Shirts

 Eating sugar cane (you bite and suck on it, it's pretty good!)
 Saw this in San Pedro (Chuck Norris Peed Here)
Zone Conference
  Zone Conference Dinner

 Out On Splits
 Just Monkeying Around

It Rained

Weeks 78-80 - NEW ZEALAND

Goodbye Elder Murray, Hello Elder Tawha
My Mission Lineage
Las Vegas!
Pulperias are like small stores, I got someone to name theirs after me, haha!

These past couple of weeks have been busy!  I will stay in the same area and serve as the district leader. Elder Murray finished his training and I am training a new companion, Elder Tawha.  He is from New Zealand and has had no exposure to Spanish prior to the MTC so we are going to get to work!

We have been doing a lot of teaching, but there is a lot of opposition, so people get scared and won't talk to us.  

The scriptures say that trials of faith are more precious than gold.  That's true
but, it all depends on how we respond to them.

Peter 1:7  “That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.”


Dallin really loves making gingerbread houses!  
Elder Murray has to rein him in.
Zone Conference
 Clean-Up Crew
Elder Lucha my 2nd companion (goes home this change)
Dinner at the Bishops house!
Christmas Companions
Calling Home for Christmas!
Our Great Ward Mission Leader & His Family


Last week, we didn’t get to write because our area is too far from the church to walk and we couldn't use public transportation.  All is well though.  The last couple weeks there have been protests concerning the elections, so we stayed in the house for a few days.  It was hard not going out and serving the people but we used the time to study.  I read the Book of Mormon as well as studied in the New Testament, specifically in John and Acts.  We were going a little crazy from being inside, but luckily we are out and serving again.  

This week was interesting because it was the first chance to really explore the other parts of our area, now that they split it and put two missionaries in the other half of the area.  We found a huge area of people which we nicknamed "La Jungla" as well as another part which is farmland, which we nicknamed "Utah."

This week, I could really feel the Spirit as we taught.  We had some great lessons, and through hard work we were able to find some great investigators.  We went to visit one man and his family, whose wife we had contacted earlier, and we taught a lesson.  When we got there, the husband came out and was determined on not letting us in.  After talking and explaining things for a few minutes outside his gate, we got to the topic of Joseph Smith (rumors often spread that we worship Joseph Smith).  He let us in to discuss it, but with the understanding that he was not going to come to our church. 

I really felt the Spirit when my companion and I bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith as a prophet.  He did not once more mention that he went to another church, but rather accepted the Book of Mormon and thanked us for visiting him.  I saw on several occasions, yesterday alone, how bearing testimony of the Restoration really invites the Spirit.  I know that His church is true and I am proud to represent the Church of Christ in Honduras.

Thanks for all the Love and Support, and Merry Christmas!!

Elder Cox


For some reason we take lots of pics with cows, hopefully they accept the Gospel too.

We went and chopped an investigators yard, filled with 3 ft high weeds. Lots of blisters came as a result.

SNOW!!!! (From a member's air conditioning unit haha)

Me, my comp, and the Ward Mission Leader's son. "Son" sitting on my lap, haha!

The clouds fall like that for some reason in the mornings, looks pretty sweet!

 We had divisions with the ZLs this week. This is Elder Hernandez, from Peru. Probably the happiest guy I've ever met. Whenever I ask him how he's doing, his response is "Super Feliz compa(man)." We both finish the mission in June.

Us writing, LIVE.

Hello from Villanueva.  A weather update for everyone in the States.  It has actually been a little chilly at night.  I have had to sleep with socks on.  I have no idea how I'll survive in college, haha.

We continue to have a really big pool of investigators right now and we enjoy working with them.  This week, we were able to teach a really cool family.  We were also able to have a lot of investigators come to church this week, which was a huge blessing.  God has answered our prayers.  We have 5 people with baptismal dates within the next month and we are excited for them.
Also, this week, we went and “chopped” an investigator's yard with machetes.  She had a ton of really tall weeds and grass covering her yard, so we went and helped her out early one morning.  I have lots of blisters now but it was great to serve her.

I hope all is well.  Have a great week and thank everyone for their support.

Elder Cox


A fruit called lichas, pretty sure they don't exist in the States. That was Halloween, strutting my Halloween tie...
I slept on the ground for divisions so my comp could have a bed.

We had a great week and the work is going well. Elder Murray's Spanish is getting better every day. He is doing really well.  We had a really spiritual experience yesterday. Last night, we were going to visit an investigator. We were going to arrive a little late because the appointment was really far away. We had tried to call her, but she didn't answer her phone.  We had the impression that we should invite a specific member to visit the investigators with us. We followed the thought and it turned out that one of the investigators in that house was having some concerns. She was going to tell us not to come back, but somehow, because the member came with us, she told us it was great and we have a family home evening planned with her family for tonight!  We would have lost some pretty cool investigators had we not followed the impressions of the Spirit at that time.

I am trying to plan activities for the district so that we continue to feel unified.  We did not do anything for Halloween.  The only thing I did was wear a Halloween tie. No one celebrates in Honduras.

We have been working really hard and now we are seeing results.  It's been awesome.  I am excited to take advantage of everyday I have in Honduras!!
Thank you for your emails and notes.  I appreciate it!

Elder Cox