WEEK 70 -

 We had divisions with the ZLs this week. This is Elder Hernandez, from Peru. Probably the happiest guy I've ever met. Whenever I ask him how he's doing, his response is,"Super Feliz compa(man)" We both finish the mission in June.
Us writing, LIVE.


A fruit called lichas, pretty sure they don't exist in the States. That was Halloween, strutting my Halloween tie...
I slept on the ground for divisions so my comp could have a bed.
We both decided to invest in hammocks, so here we are in our bedroom with the hammock ladder going on.

We had a great week, the work is going well.  Elder Murray's Spanish is getting better every day.  We actually had a pretty cool experience yesterday. Last night we were going to visit an investigator. We were going to arrive a little late because the appointment was really far away.  We had tried to call her, but she didn't answer. So we had the impression that we should invite a specific member to visit these investigators with us. We did and it turned out that one of the investigators in that house was having some concerns. She was going to tell us not to come back, but somehow, because the member came with us, she told us it was ok and we have a FHE planned with her family for tonight! So basically had we not followed the impressions of the spirit in that moment, we would have lost some pretty cool investigators.

 I am trying to plan activities for the district so that we feel more unified and work harder. The only thing I did to celebrate Halloween was wear a Halloween tie. No one celebrates it here, too dangerous to go door to door. 

We have been working really hard and now we are seeing real fruits. It's pretty cool. I want to take advantage of everyday I have!

WEEK 68 - Agua

We are working hard and having good results so far. Opening an area is really hard to start, but hard work should hopefully have things up and running soon.  We are beat every time we get home. We are teaching and talking with everyone, so we are tired, but satisfied. This area is called Brisas Del Plan, Villanueva. It's actually a part of the city of Villanueva.  It is cool here, the members are really supportive and feed us. In this area we have to bucket shower and flush the toilet with buckets, etc. The water only comes for an hour 2x a week.   We don't really have any pictures because rained really hard here and basically flooded this last week. 


My New Comp - Elder Murray

 P-Day Lunch & Games

Week 65 - FLEAS & HOOPS

 Coaching the Kids

 Our District

This week was another awesome week.

On Monday, we were walking to lunch when a random guy pulled up next to us and asked if we wanted to play basketball. We weren't sure what to think, but then he explained that he was a PE teacher at a private elementary school.  He asked us if we would travel to the school and teach the students how to play. We talked to President Bush and he gave us permission. 

It was a lot of fun.  We taught three different age groups.  I used all of the drills that I learned from coaching and playing with my Dad.  We taught them the basketball basics!  The coach has had a lot of contact with Mormons, so the zone leaders are headed over to teach him. 

Recently, we have experienced a flea problem here. Our landlord's dog had them and then passed them on to us.  We sprayed our house with chemicals.  We also hot washed our clothes to kill the fleas.  Fun!

We had a super cool district meeting this week as well.  We talked about general conference, sharing insights and things learned. Afterwards, we played a "Fly Swatter" game where all the general conference speakers were written on a white board, and someone would read a quote from their conference notes.  The first person to identify the speaker and find his name on the board won the game.  It was fun.   We are blessed to have an awesome district.

The “Kevin’s” had their baptismal interviews this week, and will have their upcoming baptisms this Saturday.  Kevin the Younger (haha) went with the ward to the temple in Tegucigalpa and had an awesome time.  He said he felt the Spirit really powerfully and wants to go back as soon as possible!!

Yesterday, we had a cool lesson.  Elder Huber and I had contact with an 18 year old man when we went to do the baptismal interview.  We went back yesterday for the return appointment.  As we were outside teaching him, we noticed that the other family members began to listen.  One actually came over to us.  By the time the lesson ended, there were four family members sitting outside listening to the lesson.  It was clear that they had been touched by the Spirit.  I recognized that the message that we were sharing made sense to them. 

The Holy Spirit is the most powerful tool in teaching and conversion.  I am grateful that as missionaries we have the opportunity to help others feel the light of the Gospel.  Even if people don't accept the Gospel, we are planting seeds in their hearts.  We are grateful to serve them.

Have an awesome week!

Thank you for supporting me!!

Elder Cox, San Pedro Sula, Honduras


Graffiti in Our Area
Donuts & District Meeting
This Elder is from the Dominican Republic. He went out with us on Friday.  He already finished the mission, but his flight got changed because of the hurricane(s).
We Found a Sweet Juice Place in Our Area. Yum!

P-Day Basketball 

Caught In the Rain

 Zone Activity Today
Kevin D. & His Dad

All is well here in San Pedro Sula!  This week was a very busy week.  

On Tuesday, Elder Dority had some work done on his toenail.  As a result, his walking abilities were very limited and we couldn't leave the apartment in the morning.  In the afternoon, we had our zone interviews with President Bush. We are truly blessed to have such a righteous and loving mission president. President and Hermana Bush are great!  Upon returning home, we planned for the next day.

On Wednesday, we had the Assistants to the President come to our area to go on splits.  They are members of our district, so it was a great opportunity to work with them. This is only possible because we are their district leaders. I went out to work with Elder Gutierrez (Nicaragua) and my companion with Elder Call (Nebraska).  I learned so much and we really enjoyed ourselves. They worked with us Wednesday and left Thursday morning.

Thursday, we had our weekly planning meeting.  It is crazy to think that we are already in Week 5 of this change!  It feels like my time with Elder Dority has flown by super fast!

We are excited for our upcoming baptisms, both of which are named Kevin.  Kevin D. is 15 years old and Kevin G. is 21 years old.  They are both excited for their baptisms and are well prepared.  They were able to attend conference this weekend and have their baptismal interviews this week.

Conference this weekend was a wonderful opportunity to hear the words of God's chosen servants.  Conference always feels like Christmas of sorts for missionaries.  I really enjoyed the talks of President Nelson, Elder Christofferson, and Elder Andersen at the end.  Conference felt like there was something missing without President Monson, but I think Elder Andersen did a great job with his last talk and closed conference well.  It was sad to hear of Elder Hales passing. 

President Bush and Hermana Bush came on Sunday to watch conference with the missionaries at our chapel.  It was fun to be with them and Hermana Bush brought lunch for the missionaries which was super nice of her!

Today for P-Day, our zone played “capture the flag” with water balloons.  We got super wet and enjoyed ourselves.  One Elder from our zone decided to dump a water bucket on me, so maybe a little too wet haha.

Overall, things are great here in our area of the mission.  Time is flying and it is crazy to think that Elder Dority and I only have 2 weeks left together! Well, I have to go now.  Everybody have an awesome week!

Love, Elder Cox

Week 59- Facing Our Egypts

San Pedro Sula Zone Conference with Elder Cordón

Hola!  How is everyone doing?

This week was an action packed week. First, on Wednesday, we had our mission conference, and Elder Cordón of the Seventy. He did a great job teaching and I really enjoyed the conference. He talked about our calling as missionaries, and that we are called not by men, but of God. Because of our call, he said we should be fearless in preaching the Gospel. He used the analogy of Moses, when he was called by God, and was shown all things in the heavens and earth. Afterwards, Satan appeared to him and told him to worship him. Moses basically said, ¨How could I just see all of those spectacular things and bow down and worship you?¨ Satan then began to call in terrible storms.  Moses then sent him out in the name of Christ.

After seeing all those things, Moses was called to lead the people out of Egypt.  He was prepared and he understood and realized that man is nothing.  Elder Cordon told us that we shouldn´t fear our supposed ¨Egypts¨ in the mission, because man is truly nothing.  I hope I explained his teachings.  He did a great job teaching us.

Elder Cordón of the Seventy 

Lunch Line

This Saturday, Norma was baptized.  She is one of our awesome investigators.  The ward did a great job of supporting Norma and even did a musical number.  Our ward is one of the oldest wards in Honduras and they have great gospel roots.  Norma has had it rough.  Her family is split between two religions, and for the longest time she wanted nothing to do with either church.  For some reason, she opened up toward us and we were excited to teach her.  The teachings went very well.  There were difficulties, but in the end, it went great. When she bore her testimony in the baptismal service and got emotional, I got a little emotional myself.  It was awesome.  We are very excited for her.

Norma’s Baptism 

 Great Support From Friends & Family
Happy Day!

Today for pday, we were invited to a family event by our investigator, Kevin.  We made pizzas at Pizza Hut.  Kevin works at Pizza Hut.  We had a pizza and spent time visiting.  Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let us take pictures in the kitchen, so no pizza making pictures.

Pizza Hut with Our Investigator

We also went to the Copan Hotel here in San Pedro. It feels like a hotel in the states. They had an event there so we went to see what was going on.  Next Monday, we are going there for the breakfast buffet, it looks amazing.

Chilliń with Elder Dority

Right now, my health is doing fine.  I am following a diet to see if it will help.  My health has been up and down and can change quickly but right now I am doing great. 

Overall, it was a awesome week!  Have a great day!

Elder Cox