Health:  I have been a lot healthier so no worries. We are working hard and all is back to normal (knock on wood)
Weather:  The rain  is really off and on here.  The weather varies between hot and hotter.

Cooking:  We have been learning how to cook with members (but mostly with investigators).

Companions:  We only have 3 more weeks all together.  

PDay Today:  We do a lot together and we balled it up at the mega stake center in San Pedro and we are here now emailing in the family history center.

President and Hermana Bush:  We had fun with President and Hermana Bush.  We were able to ride in a taxi with air conditioning.  It was great.  They came with us to one of our appointments.  Sister Bush’s Spanish is good even though she doesn’t get out as much as President Bush. 

Grandma Georgia:  Happy Birthday !!

Food/Hygiene:  We eat a LOT of rice and beans here.  We have to be careful with the food and we should bleach most things.  Sometimes, we are lazy but we do a pretty good job. 

I will be back before you know it.  I have already been gone more than 3 months!  It has gone fast!

Love Everyone,

Elder Cox

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