Barbershop in Villanueva during p-day.  (The barber had a WWE belt, sweet)

 The old guys, saying goodbye (everyone left but me haha)

 Me and my new comp out in the campo. (Notice the streets)

Baptisms In This Awesome Family

Birthday Pizza in Villaneuva 

Stepping Up My Cooking Game

Hi to Everyone!  We had our switch and I have Latin speaking companions in the house!  I feel like my Spanish is improving.  On a good front, we are hopefully getting someone to help us cook and we are going to pay someone to use a washing machine so that will be awesome!
My birthday was really good.  We went to Villanueva (a nearby town) and had lunch and chilled with the Zone Leaders.  President and Hermana Bush brought me chocolate chip cookies. I had been thinking about chocolate chip cookies and it was an answer to my prayers! Ha-ha!

He and Hermana Bush came to our baptism!  It was really cool and so were the THREE baptisms.  The Spirit was so strong and a lot of people attended. They were confirmed on Sunday so all is well!  We have 4 more super investigators that hopefully will be baptized before the end of the year.  

My new companion is great.  His name is Elder Lucha and he is from El Salvador.  He is relaxed so we get along really well.  He had some difficult things happen in his life but is doing great.  It does make you think about your blessings.  He has been out almost a year and it is the first time he has been outside of San Pedro Sula.  He likes the calmness of being out of the city.  I like where I am at but at some point I am sure I will experience the "CITY."  

Health wise, I have been good and haven't had any issues in a few weeks.  I wonder if I had a period of getting used to everything.  I don't know but grateful not to be sick right now!  

Spiritually, I have been really studying the Book of Mormon.  The Bible and other scriptures are great and definitely important but the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion.

Overall, I am good and growing from serving in ways that I couldn't have in any other place!  

I hope you all have a good week.  I love you.

Love, Elder Dallin Cox


 Zone photo after our meeting last Tuesday

A normal lunch: (Fruit punch made from a tang packet, a sandwich of a chicken patty, cheese, and ham, and noodles with butter & parmesan cheese).

Cool Views

This week is the last week before we have some changes.  We already know exactly what’s going to happen for our next changes.  My companion, Elder Dipko, is going up to be a Zone Leader in San Pedro (which is a huge deal!).  Elder Santos is going to be a Zone leader as well.  I am going to be staying in Dos Caminos, but they are going to combine the two areas into one.  I had to go out with Elder Santos yesterday to learn his area.  I’ll be in charge of the investigators in the entire area (with my new companion) and the other 3 missionaries in my house are getting shipped out.  I will be getting a Latino companion.  I am excited and nervous!!!

In other news, the baptism didn’t go through because our candidates had some small things to still work on.  They are shooting for being ready to go by the 26th and get baptized on my b-day!  We now have 7 baptisms set for the 26th, and we’ll see how that goes. 

We’re headed to play soccer today at Sports Mania in San Pedro, then we will go to Denny’s.  I never realized how great places like Denny’s are until I got here, they make a pretty mean cheeseburger. 

Finally, I have been on my mission for four months.  I have learned so much about God, myself, and others.  I have learned to truly study the scriptures.  I have learned about charity.  I would have never known my true, full potential spiritually if I didn’t choose to serve my mission.

Would love to hear from everyone and hope you are well!  Go Utes and see ya next week!

Love, Elder Cox


Climbing a really steep hill in one of the colonias in our area

Field that we found this week for soccer (our area is so big that we still haven't been able to see it all)

  Soccer game going on (EVERYONE plays soccer here)
We found a totally cool barbecue area and pool way up above a community that was abandoned. Time for some mish parties.

I received the birthday package!  Thanks to the family.  The socks are way fresh.  This week, I’ve been trying to hit it way harder with the scripture study.  I finished Alma and Mosiah.   I have spent all my free time reading and I’ve felt the blessings, no doubt.  Yesterday, (Sunday) we had a great day and we felt it was a direct blessing of reading.  We first went contacting and met a way cool lady.  She was really receptive and we’re going back next week.  She also told me I looked like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.  Pretty legit, right?  She probably needs glasses haha. 
We had two really good VAP’s (lessons taught to less actives/recent converts), both of which were less actives that are coming to church next week.  They haven't been in the church a long time.  We are going to their house tomorrow for a Family Home Evening and they’re making us baleadas.  We then contacted a house that we had always passed by but never stopped there.  They were super cool, and we set a return appointment. 
Our last appointment was with Idalia.  She is getting baptized this Friday along with her two sons.  She has been working a lot to support her children, so we’ve passed by her house and she hasn’t been there for awhile until this night.  We taught her the Word of Wisdom, as well as the Law of Chastity, and she gladly accepted to follow the commandments. She said she drinks coffee several times a day, but we can tell she has a strong testimony because she accepted to drop coffee cold turkey.  We have the baptisms of her and her two sons on Friday, (which happens to be Elder Dipko’s b-day). 
Overall, it was a good day and a better week.  Somehow, I managed to catch a nasty cold though.  Today we had plans to go play soccer but our zone leaders changed and canceled it so we have no idea what we are doing.  Oh well, we’ll figure something out.  Hope all is well with y’all in the States, and I will report back next week.

Love, Elder Cox