Barbershop in Villanueva during p-day.  (The barber had a WWE belt, sweet)

 The old guys, saying goodbye (everyone left but me haha)

 Me and my new comp out in the campo. (Notice the streets)

Baptisms In This Awesome Family

Birthday Pizza in Villaneuva 

Stepping Up My Cooking Game

Hi to Everyone!  We had our switch and I have Latin speaking companions in the house!  I feel like my Spanish is improving.  On a good front, we are hopefully getting someone to help us cook and we are going to pay someone to use a washing machine so that will be awesome!
My birthday was really good.  We went to Villanueva (a nearby town) and had lunch and chilled with the Zone Leaders.  President and Hermana Bush brought me chocolate chip cookies. I had been thinking about chocolate chip cookies and it was an answer to my prayers! Ha-ha!

He and Hermana Bush came to our baptism!  It was really cool and so were the THREE baptisms.  The Spirit was so strong and a lot of people attended. They were confirmed on Sunday so all is well!  We have 4 more super investigators that hopefully will be baptized before the end of the year.  

My new companion is great.  His name is Elder Lucha and he is from El Salvador.  He is relaxed so we get along really well.  He had some difficult things happen in his life but is doing great.  It does make you think about your blessings.  He has been out almost a year and it is the first time he has been outside of San Pedro Sula.  He likes the calmness of being out of the city.  I like where I am at but at some point I am sure I will experience the "CITY."  

Health wise, I have been good and haven't had any issues in a few weeks.  I wonder if I had a period of getting used to everything.  I don't know but grateful not to be sick right now!  

Spiritually, I have been really studying the Book of Mormon.  The Bible and other scriptures are great and definitely important but the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion.

Overall, I am good and growing from serving in ways that I couldn't have in any other place!  

I hope you all have a good week.  I love you.

Love, Elder Dallin Cox

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