Week 2 @ The MTC!

First off, P-Day last week after I emailed was a blast.  We went to a grocery store and bought some crazy foreign foods.  I bought nuevo scriptures in the Distribution Center in español.  I also bought an Argentina jersey and some other things from a vendor.  I've taken a million pictures (Mom ... don't worry) and I'll send them as soon as I can.

We practice speaking with the Latinos and I feel like my Spanish is getting better, but the hard part is understanding natives.  They talk super fast so it basically makes it impossible to understand.  We've been doing this thing where each time someone in our district speaks English we have to do 10 pushups.  So far, my max in a day is 300.

My teachers got switched this week because one got married (Hermana Simon) and the other got Dengue fever.  We are bummed out because they were totally awesome.  Our teaching as a companionship has been much better.  We have become much better at street contacts, too.  We had an AMAZING lesson with an investigator where I really felt the Spirit for the first time while speaking Spanish. It was truly an answer to my prayers.
I have learned that at the MTC the days go by slow, but the weeks go by fast.  It has been hot here, but not as hot as Vegas.  It has been cloudy every day but it hasn't rained as much as I expected.
Healthwise, I almost died coughing a few nights ago and I got a fever, so i decided it was probably time to see the nurse. I am still sick but she gave me some meds that have helped me.  It has been tough adjusting to the schedule and we are doing something different all the time.  I have been falling asleep alot but I found the best remedy to that is taking notes about everything.

Sunday's and P-Days are definitely the best here.  We just chill and hear awesome devotionals. Sundays have been great opportunities to feel the Spirit. They make you feel super pumped like you are ready to go into the field right now.  My friends that have been here longer leave next week so I am bummed about them leaving the MTC.

The food here has been interesting.  We have had a lot of weird fruits like mango (A LOT) and dragonfruit.  The fruits haven't made the other food any less hard on our stomachs though.

We are in a war with one of the other rooms on our floor right now.  Someone decided to use someone else's baño (only some rooms get their own) and leave a note on TP saying that they used their bathroom.  They decided it was my companion who did this, so they have stolen things from us and filled our closet with toilet paper.  

The MTC has been good times with the other guys, pretty funny stuff.  The guys in our room are honestly way cool. One of them is basically the same person as me.  We stay up late having conversations about dumb things that we like for hours.  He also loves to play sports.  His name is Elder Flake and he is from Northern Arizona.  We´re not going to the same mission sadly, but after the mission we´re gonna meet up.

I have really good guys around me in my district who I have spent time with and they have strengthened my testimony.  I read my patriarchal blessing and it helps me think about my purpose.  The temple this week was also really awesome.  I love the temple.  I was able to really ponder things and feel the Spirit.

Love You !!!

Elder Cox

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