WEEK 22 & 23 - CHRISTMAS 2016

Talking with Dallin and his comp on Christmas Day
We spent Christmas with the familia Machado, their neighbors, and friends.
The Villanueva Zone

The gingerbread house we made at the Multi-Zona. (Give us a break, we didn't get much time)

Me and the comp (playin it cool was his idea).

I got to catch up with my zone leader from my first zone

Our House (we live on the bottom floor)

On Christmas day, he went to a member’s house and they made carne asada, sausage, and beans.  He was also able to Skype home.  He looked happy! Despite his health issues, he has gained 15 pounds.  His language skills are great, according to Courtney.  They spoke in Spanish for quite a while along with Dallin’s companion.  It was pretty entertaining to hear them talk and see that he is immersed in the language.  

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