Dallin helped “prepare” dinner at the request of a Sister from church.

Elder Cox is still in Dos Caminos.  He is working with investigators and is enjoying his companion.  They will be together until transfers in three weeks.  He is not sure if he is moving to a different area.  He says that it will be bittersweet.  He loves the people but is also excited for a new area. 

He was recently able to get a Walmart account (similar to Costco) and bought some much needed items along with some much needed candy.  The account has been a highlight for him!  He continues to enjoy preparation day trips to Wendy’s and playing soccer and basketball.  He feels fortunate to have lunches made for him now.  He thought they would have access to a washer but the washer is still broken.  Dallin said that he has to wash his pants and shoes everyday because they walk in mud sometimes up to the bottom of their calves. 

His health has been better lately.  He took medicine to help with the parasites.  The parasites seem to have subsided, but now he has a yeast infection in his intestines from all the meds.  They are treating the infection and he says he is doing well.  He is studying the scriptures and learning something new every day. He is excited for their investigators that are set to be baptized this Friday!

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